Visit to the Zoo!!

ok I know it wasn’t my 4th birthday on Tuesday, well ok we have to add 60 on to that but hey if a child of 4 says it would like to go to the Zoo why can’t a ‘grown lady’ of 64 say she would like to go to the Zoo. So much to the amazement of my dear husband that was my requested day out for my birthday treat – a visit to Colchester Zoo. Well we did also go out for a nice lunch and there were all the usual birthdays treats at home with lots of pressies…

I last went to this Zoo about 30years ago and at the time it was a very sad place but now I’m pleased to say it is a lovely place to visit although I still continue to have issues with animals that are kept under restricted conditions and not out in the wild roaming free. We got to the Zoo at opening time in the hope that I would be able to get some photo’s without crowds of people around me! Of course taking photo’s at a Zoo is never going to be easy as there will always be the problem of people, a fence or some type of boarding in the background which didn’t really help with the composition.

So what I have done with my photo’s which I am reasonably pleased with is to crop them in tightly and thereby get rid of any background fences, boarding or people!! Having said about composition of photo’s it is an area that I need to pay more attention to. I’m still at the stage where if I see something that I really must have the photo of then I quickly keep clicking the shutter button whereas what I should be doing is to quickly take the one shot so that the capture is caught and then step back and from that point on consider the composition, ie angle, zooming in just to the head, trying to look down or look straight up at the subject…ok you can tell I’m reading my course notes!! Putting this into action isn’t coming naturally at the moment so I’m going to pay particular attention to this aspect when I next go out with the camera!!

So here are the cropped close-up photo’s from my day out at the Zoo..

When I look at these photo’s together they all seem to have an ‘organgy’ look to them but that was the colour of the earth. I think it must be caused by the various elements maybe straw and bark that they spread on the ground for the animals which helps with the mud etc that would be there from our rainy seasons. There were of course many more photo’s and they will one day get loaded into my photo albums – when who ever it is that hands out ‘Time’ gives me some more hours in a day!!

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you soon.