Getting up todate…

with the latest things on the market to keep us entertained!

So only a couple of photo’s with this post as it just a quick one to let you know what we’re up to in the Aston household.

A couple of months ago we treated ourselves to an iPod and I’m now feeling quite pleased with myself that at long last I’ve transferred several of our music DVD’s onto it and I can then play them at random which helps me through the boring jobs like ironing!!

Well the next thing we bought was a Wii complete with the games Tennis, golf (for me) and of course the fitness and some other games that came as part of the package.. What a laugh to see me doing the fitness but I must say what a clever design and creative work to produce something like this! As for the other games lets just say I can at least in ‘real life’ still play a better game of golf than on the Wii…tennis we haven’t tried out yet but it all got very competitive when it came to a game of Ten Pin Bowling and a return match will be held very soon…but I just might have to pour DH a large glass of something strong before we start as I really need to win the next game.

And something that happened only yesterday afternoon. We do know most nights that a fox or even foxes take a route across our front drive on through the hedge and goodness knows where when on their nights out. Well there we were in the lounge in the afternoon which is at the back of the house and what walks past our French Doors yes you’ve guessed it a fox!! It spent quite a bit of time wondering around the garden quite casually even at one point stopping and looking directly at us before going down the other side of the house where we assume it climbed over the fence (7ft high!) or over the gate to carry on with it’s afternoon outing..they are getting very brave these days!!

Finally, as I was sitting here at my PC last evening I couldn’t help but notice this sky, so I grabbed the camera and quickly took this shot…it was the end of a lovely evening weather wise but with a forecast for the horrible wet nasty day we have today.