Short Walk…

At the Ladies Probus Group I belong to, besides having super lunches, great speakers and various outings we now have organised walks. Lois our secretary has very kindly arranged for some short local walks once a month in and around the Essex area and thoughtfully has chosen that they all begin and end at a ‘pub’!!

Starting at a pub not only allows for parking but it also means at the end of our walk what better than to be able to sit and relax enjoying a glass of ‘whatever’ and a light lunch!

Prior to the actual day of the walk Lois likes to do the walk herself to check it out for the route and suitability for the members. So in readiness for the next one my DH and I went along with Lois to do the walk.

Here are a few photo’s I took as we went along, it wasn’t the best of weather and hence the reason for the sky looking very washed out. We did have a little light rain at one point but in between the sun peeped out but not long enough for me to capture any blue. It’s not a long walk, took us about an hour but through some very nice countryside, across a field belonging to a local Mansion, which I won’t give details of as it is privately owned, down through the woods and back up through a nice pathway to the main road and then a few quick steps back to the pub The Bell this is the only picture I can find on the net. Silly me I didn’t think to take one myself! The Pub hasn’t changed since this was painted all those years ago…thank goodness somethings in life stay the same!

So here are the photo’s taken including one of the back view of our leader Lois:

Just a quick note on my photography..yes I’m going through yet another ‘bad’ patch at the moment whether it’s me being over critical of my work I’m not sure but of late I’ve seen a lot of ‘noise’ on my photo’s so I’m playing around with different settings and then checking the photo’s out on the PC..lots of deletions!!

The flower at the start of this post is a good example of something else I’ve got to address. I spent so much time concentrating on the composition and just didn’t see the little bug crawling

around in the flower!!

Thanks for dropping by, I’ll see you again soon but in the meantime stay safe and sound!