Here we go again..

Yes isn’t he a cutie. I met him when over at Thorndon Park last week. He’s a stranger and yes I do feel it’s safe to talk to strangers in the park but only when they are a few months old, have 4 legs and are as cute as this little man!

Lets go back to the beginning….at a BBQ a couple of weeks ago we met up with some neighbours who had moved away to another part of town but were now back living just about 6 houses away from us. As it turns out the husband takes lots of photo’s mainly of birds but is happy to include other subjects as well. So the conversation went as to how I as a women didn’t feel comfortable going off walking on my own taking photo’s. Chris the husband said just let him know and he would be happy to walk with me any time. So I wasted no time but contacted him a couple of days later and we arrange to meet up last Wednesday for our first outing.

So off we went to Weald Park. I wanted to play around with Shutter priority this time out and I know for those of you with experience will be saying ‘ so what’s special’ about shutter priority but again it’s all part of my learning photography and I must confess to saying that it doesn’t come easy to me. Although when I look back over the last couple of years I can see that I am making progress.

Anyway here are some photo’s I took that day:

and with this photo I wanted to capture the ducks swimming in the rays of the sun coming across the works ok to a degree but I think I could do better!

Now to other everyday living matters… I had a busy time last week with golf played at my own club in our Lady Captains Day and yes I won a prize for the straightest drive which is so not like my golf, and then on the Friday I went off with my friend Kathleen to a Ladies Open at another club where I’m afraid it was not a repeat of Tuesday. In fact the weather was so hot and humid which didn’t help and I really think with playing on the Tuesday, walking for 5 hours taking pics on the Wednesday my body had decided it was tired and it showed with my golf. Oh well there’s always another golfing day.

So my final photo for you today is of something ‘very delicious, very fattening, and one must have a piece of everyday, and it’s home made by me!!

It’s called Rocky Road!!

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments and a special thank you to Diane and Nina for your support against ‘Mr Pauls’ comment about my Mum – it will cost him dearly!