I’m back..

Yes I know it’s 3 weeks now since I last posted but I’ve been really busy and I’ve had to put a few things on one side including my blog whilst I got on with ‘other matters’…

So not a lot happening on the photography side for me at the moment and as I type this and look out of the window I don’t think much will be happening for a while to come as the weather is really not at it’s best. We put the clocks back here in the UK last week and ever since then we seem to have had either dull, wet or windy days none of which inspire me to go out there with a camera. Anyway I did take a few photo’s a couple of weeks ago so I’ll put them here for you to see..

The first one at the top of the page is a photo of a fungi that was growing at the bottom of my Beech Bonsai Tree. It was only 2cm in size and I had to use my Macro lens to even get a good look at it but I was quite pleased with the end result. This next photo is one I took looking across part of the gardens over at Hyde Hall, although it doesn’t show it as I had hoped but the clouds appeared to be hanging so low in the sky that they seemed to be touching the tree tops at times..
So I’ll end with a few more pics I’ve taken recently including the last of the fushia and the grass flowers. This weather is finishing them off very quickly. Next time I’ll hopefully come back with some more interesting ones for you, although they may well be of ‘winter’…now there’s a thought to leave you with. grassflowerfushia

Thanks for popping by and I’ll try and not leave it so long the next time…

Take care


for some reason this year I’ve got a ‘thing’ about Autumn. Maybe it’s because we’ve not had such a good summer and therefore I’m wanting to benefit from the Autumn sun and colours so bear with me on this one.

So let me tell you about the chappie on the left…yes he’s been made up with wood and doesn’t he remind you of the logo of Bertie Bassett on the packets of Bassett liquorice Allsorts sweets whether that was the intention or not I’ve no idea but I will see if I can find out more about him next time I visit the gardens.

Yes I’ve been off to Hyde Hall yet again but it really is a place I can visit time after time as the gardens are continually changing as time moves through the seasons. Anyway I went all on my own last week and spent about 5 hours wondering around with my camera and Macro lens. It was such a beautiful clear day with a blue sky, very warm sunshine and not too many people there as it was midweek.

So here are a some of the photo’s taken with the 100mm macro lens which I must admit to using for all types of shots and then I decided to use my new lens as I wanted to catch some colours beginning to appear on the trees but I hope the next time I go back they will be more advanced than this

Finally I’ll leave you with my own little bit of Autum in our garden. Many years ago I was fortunate to study Bonsai and this Beech tree I started 21years ago this November and as you will see it now a fully grown (bonsai) tree and yes it’s leaves are also changing and they will of course all drop and the tree will go into it’s winter mode!!

When I look at the photo’s I’ve posted they really do not do them justice in the small size so please do click on them to view them at a large image.

I hope you’re enjoying your season whether you are here in the Northern Hemisphere or where you’re beginning to welcome Spring in the Southern Hemisphere..

I’ll see you again soon, and take care.


It’s Autumn already…

and as far as I’m concerned I haven’t had summer yet. Well ok we did have a few days of blue skies and sunshine and yes at the beginning of summer there was the odd week or two where it was hot and we had doors and windows open but now although we’re having a few nice days the evenings are beginning to draw in and it’s quite chilly first thing in the mornings and late at night.

So I thought I should start looking around for some Autumn colours for you but to be honest the trees haven’t fully turned yet and neither have I been anywhere where there are the ‘right’ sort of trees for the colour but I will be doing so over the next few days.

Therefore in the meantime I went over to Hyde Hall last weekend and there were some wonderful vibrant colours in the gardens which gave me an excuse (not that I really need one) to click away with the camera. I had my Canon 50mm Lens that day as it a easy, lightweight and not to obvious lens on my camera and these photo’s were taken with that lens..

The previous week I had a another fun day out I as went off to some more marshland called Two Tree Island down by the river Thames estuary. Chris and I met up with another friend Terry for a day of hoping to get some good photo’s opportunities of maybe birds, flowers, insects etc. It was one of our lovely days weather wise and although I seemed to be clicking away with the shutter I wasn’t over happy with the outcome of the photo’s. It’s not easy to spend a day like that one walking around not only with a camera but a tripod which to be honest is what I needed to get those really sharp piccies of the flowers and butterflies so I’m afraid you’ve only got the one photo below.

Although we were told by quite a few others walkers/bird watchers/photographers that the kingfisher and Osprey were around and had been seen by many of them it wasn’t to be for us so I’m afraid I don’t have any real exciting photo’s for you although this is one I took of a bird (seagull variety – you can tell I’m not familiar with birds species!!).

To finish off my post I thought I would leave you with a lovely photo of what to do with your old wellies – don’t throw them out but fill them with soil, cut some holes in them and hang them on your potting shed!! Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you all again soon. Take care and stay safe!


Flowers on a Monday…

When I logged on to my PC Monday morning I had an email waiting for me from a friend saying that he was, subject to the weather staying good, going to take his mother out for the day and visit a couple of places nearby to where I live and did I want to join them.

Going out and taking photo’s is much more exciting than staying indoors doing housework!! Anyway I couldn’t join them in the morning but come the afternoon off I went to Hyde Hall. I have been there a few times but it’s a place where the gardens are always changing throughout the year with the different seasons.

This visit was no different from previous visits in that there are so many photo opportunities to take photo of flowers and I’m showing a few here. The one at the top of the post is of an old pair of boots that they had placed at bottom of a post and was used for planting although I must say the plants in them weren’t looking too good!! However from these other photo’s you will see how bright and cheerful it is there although signs of Autumn are around the corner….

I have at long last added some photo’s into my gallery and you’ll find them on my web page by clicking on the photo’s on the right hand side of the page. I will add some more soon and also come back to see my next posting of a visit I had to Rainham Marshes and their wildlife!!

That’s all for now – take care and I’ll see you soon.


Catching up…

so we’ve still been going away and having some days out over the last week or two and of course lots of photo’s taken so I thought I’d better get posting and let you know where we’ve been.

My last post told you about our visit to Norfolk, well the following weekend we had a super day out at the National Gardens at Hyde Hall which is about 10 miles from where we live. It really is a beautiful place to visit and of course at this time of year if you love plants and flowers well it’s a paradise and of course just the place to go to take loads of photo’s!!

When we went through the entrance gate the lady suggested to us that we should not miss seeing the ‘wild flower’ meadow and we were so pleased she told us about it. What a wonderful site it was and although I took some photo’s they really do not do justice to the flowers and colours that we saw. Here are a couple of photo’s showing part of the meadows that we walked through and a close up of the poppies.

It was very difficult to decide what flowers I wanted to take a piccie of and also bearing in mind that although it was a lovely sunny day there was quite a breeze.With my photography I am happy and comfortable to stick with aperture priority but if I was going to take any photo’s this day and hand held with a breeze then I needed to start thinking of ‘shutter priority’ a complete unknown for me…but hey that’s part of the fun to try out new things.

Ok I took lots of photo and yes quite a lot are ‘ok’ but this one I was very happy with. We came across the rose garden and of course at this time of the year it was at it’s best. There was one area that was just a mass of pink roses and to take the photo as it was wouldn’t have done it justice so I decided to concentrate of finding one of the roses that wasn’t fully opened and hopefully with the pink in the background it would work…anyway I’m quite pleased with my result..

Here’s another couple of flowers and then I’ll leave you for now.

Thanks for coming along and I’ll be back soon with the next trip out and more photo’s