A Day out in Essex..

Now I’ve lived in Essex for some 40 odd years and I do know my way around the County quite well but as a County is doesn’t do a lot for me other than it’s a convenient place to live for getting to the Airports, Sea Ports, London and the motorways which when they are working well allows one to get to other places in the UK at a reasonable speed!!

Where is this all going you ask..so let me tell you. The Ladies Probus Group I belong to had organised a coach trip called ‘Hidden Essex’ a couple of weeks ago and I thought ‘what the heck’ it’ll be a day out with friends and a ride around parts of Essex I hadn’t been to for a long time. WOW what a trip it was and so interesting, I discovered lots about Essex that I didn’t know about. The history of our ‘flat, boring’ land is quite amazing.

Anyway after meeting up with the coach and fellow Probus ladies our first stop was at a pub in Danbury no alcohol drinks but coffee and biscuits were served..this is where our guide for the day met us and we started our journey onto our first stop which was St. Peters on the Wall and for a short history on the Chapel you might like to visit this site St Peters Chapel
Here is just one of the many photo’s I took – this is inside and shows how small the chapel is. The rest will be in my Photo Album in due course!!

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Ok we then moved on to Burham-on crouch for lunch and again for those of you interested this is a link to again a very interesting town right on the waters edge Burnham and the Hotel we sat outside for our very relaxing and enjoyable lunch…


After lunch we then moved on via the country roads back to Danbury and to Paper Mill Locks where they had hired a canal boat to take us down the canal towards Maldon and we were served a tea and cakes on board..very yummy! So a link to Paper Mill Locks for you to read all about it Paper Mill Lock
and here’s a photo I took from the front of the boat..

So a super day was had by us all with great company, lovely scenery, and a little more knowledge about the county I live in.

I did take over 200 photo’s on the day and with everything else that is going on in my life I’m afraid it’s taking a while to get through them but I will and they’ll be in the photo album via the link from my web page in due course.

Many thanks to everyone that has followed me across to my site and for leaving your lovely comments, much appreciated!

See you all soon