New Lens and a visit to the park..

Last Friday I met up with my photography friend Terry and off we went to Weald Park this time for me to try out my new lens and for Terry to see the deer…..well have I a lot to learn about the lens!!

So first off I thought you might like to see a photo of my camera with lens and extender
big isn’t it and heavy but, I managed and surprisingly enough after awhile I didn’t really notice the weight. The only thing I would say is that with a lens this size on the camera people do tend to look at you thinking you must be a ‘professional’ how wrong they are!!

I did have the camera on a Monopod to help me steady it and I wanted to try and get some decent photo’s maybe of birds in the distance, the deer and anything else that was interesting. Ok the deer photo’s we’ll forget but I’ve done just one for you it’s ok but I’ve posted better before As for the birds well they are ‘ok’ but that is all. Here is one of the Heron which was far away across the lake so a reasonable distance away. The lens has at least allowed me to crop in and get an ‘acceptable’ view of it and the other one is of some birds flying overhead, goodness knows how I managed to get them as it all happened so quick

On our way back we called in at another Park and this time I left the new lens behind locked very safely in the car out of site and put on my 17-70 sigma lens. This was in the hope of perhaps getting some pics I would be happy with, again a little disappointed but there’s one of the leaves turning into their Autumn colours which I’ve posted at the top and here’s one of a wooden carving in the children’s area – took this one for fun!!

so there you are just a quick post to update you and to let you know that I’ll be trying to improve on the taking of photo’s again at the end of the week when we do have a forecast for some really nice sunny weather – we’ll see!!

Because I’m a little disappointed with my pics from the new lens (need to practice more!) and because looking back on this post there’s no bright colours except for the top photo, I thought, I would leave you with a photo taken this morning in the garden of one of the last of the summer roses – taken in the rain!!

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll see you soon.


It’s Autumn already…

and as far as I’m concerned I haven’t had summer yet. Well ok we did have a few days of blue skies and sunshine and yes at the beginning of summer there was the odd week or two where it was hot and we had doors and windows open but now although we’re having a few nice days the evenings are beginning to draw in and it’s quite chilly first thing in the mornings and late at night.

So I thought I should start looking around for some Autumn colours for you but to be honest the trees haven’t fully turned yet and neither have I been anywhere where there are the ‘right’ sort of trees for the colour but I will be doing so over the next few days.

Therefore in the meantime I went over to Hyde Hall last weekend and there were some wonderful vibrant colours in the gardens which gave me an excuse (not that I really need one) to click away with the camera. I had my Canon 50mm Lens that day as it a easy, lightweight and not to obvious lens on my camera and these photo’s were taken with that lens..

The previous week I had a another fun day out I as went off to some more marshland called Two Tree Island down by the river Thames estuary. Chris and I met up with another friend Terry for a day of hoping to get some good photo’s opportunities of maybe birds, flowers, insects etc. It was one of our lovely days weather wise and although I seemed to be clicking away with the shutter I wasn’t over happy with the outcome of the photo’s. It’s not easy to spend a day like that one walking around not only with a camera but a tripod which to be honest is what I needed to get those really sharp piccies of the flowers and butterflies so I’m afraid you’ve only got the one photo below.

Although we were told by quite a few others walkers/bird watchers/photographers that the kingfisher and Osprey were around and had been seen by many of them it wasn’t to be for us so I’m afraid I don’t have any real exciting photo’s for you although this is one I took of a bird (seagull variety – you can tell I’m not familiar with birds species!!).

To finish off my post I thought I would leave you with a lovely photo of what to do with your old wellies – don’t throw them out but fill them with soil, cut some holes in them and hang them on your potting shed!! Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you all again soon. Take care and stay safe!


My venture into ‘Wildlife’..

Yes, I like wildlife but I’m not very good at being ‘up close’ to it. So it was with some trepidation that I set off with my friend Chris to Rainham Marshes to see what photo’s we could take. Well Rainham Marshes is great for those that love bird spotting but I’m not sure that it’s something that I will be doing a lot of of at this stage of my photography but, who knows what the will happen in the future!

In any case I do not have a good enough lens to handle small or come to that large birds at a distance. So yes, I’m now saving up for a better zoom lens that will handle the distances and also because I don’t want to take a tripod along with me I really need Image Stabilization which of course increases the cost of the lens!!

Anyway, although I did take some photo’s of birds they really aren’t very good so although I’ll post one here for you I’m not at all happy with it but I did come across some other little creatures living in the marshes.

The flower at the top is of the wild Chicory and there was quite a lot around and it does make for a a pretty photo. The photo’s below are of the Water Vole which we were very lucky to see as there are not that many around and are not seen that often. The Marsh frogs are in abundance down there but not that easy to see in the water with the reeds around them but I did manage to get a couple or so shots of them and we saw a few of the Speckled Wood Butterflies..

That’s all for this post. As the weather is so miserable and grey at the moment I’m not sure when I’ll get out to take some more photo’s but I do hope it will be soon. In the meantime thanks for visiting and take care.


Flowers on a Monday…

When I logged on to my PC Monday morning I had an email waiting for me from a friend saying that he was, subject to the weather staying good, going to take his mother out for the day and visit a couple of places nearby to where I live and did I want to join them.

Going out and taking photo’s is much more exciting than staying indoors doing housework!! Anyway I couldn’t join them in the morning but come the afternoon off I went to Hyde Hall. I have been there a few times but it’s a place where the gardens are always changing throughout the year with the different seasons.

This visit was no different from previous visits in that there are so many photo opportunities to take photo of flowers and I’m showing a few here. The one at the top of the post is of an old pair of boots that they had placed at bottom of a post and was used for planting although I must say the plants in them weren’t looking too good!! However from these other photo’s you will see how bright and cheerful it is there although signs of Autumn are around the corner….

I have at long last added some photo’s into my gallery and you’ll find them on my web page by clicking on the photo’s on the right hand side of the page. I will add some more soon and also come back to see my next posting of a visit I had to Rainham Marshes and their wildlife!!

That’s all for now – take care and I’ll see you soon.


Around the garden..

just a quick post of some flowers from around the garden. I was out there yesterday afternoon having a play with the camera and these are what I’ve come up with..nothing too special as some of them are beginning to go over but they’re pretty flowers and it good to have some colour.

It’s a long holiday weekend here in the UK and whilst the weather has been good today the forecast isn’t too bright for the rest of the weekend. I had hoped that maybe on Monday we would get out and about to do some photography but it’s not looking too promising but check back you never know..

Today has been the Scott Kelby worldwide Photo walk whereby photographers from around the world could sign up to join in a walk taking part in a city/town near to them. Unfortunately the ones closest to me London and Cambridge were fully booked. However I do know our friend Fiona has taken part in the one in Cape Town so I’m sure she’ll have some great photo’s to show us.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend have a great time and stay safe.

See you again soon


Visit to the Zoo!!

ok I know it wasn’t my 4th birthday on Tuesday, well ok we have to add 60 on to that but hey if a child of 4 says it would like to go to the Zoo why can’t a ‘grown lady’ of 64 say she would like to go to the Zoo. So much to the amazement of my dear husband that was my requested day out for my birthday treat – a visit to Colchester Zoo. Well we did also go out for a nice lunch and there were all the usual birthdays treats at home with lots of pressies…

I last went to this Zoo about 30years ago and at the time it was a very sad place but now I’m pleased to say it is a lovely place to visit although I still continue to have issues with animals that are kept under restricted conditions and not out in the wild roaming free. We got to the Zoo at opening time in the hope that I would be able to get some photo’s without crowds of people around me! Of course taking photo’s at a Zoo is never going to be easy as there will always be the problem of people, a fence or some type of boarding in the background which didn’t really help with the composition.

So what I have done with my photo’s which I am reasonably pleased with is to crop them in tightly and thereby get rid of any background fences, boarding or people!! Having said about composition of photo’s it is an area that I need to pay more attention to. I’m still at the stage where if I see something that I really must have the photo of then I quickly keep clicking the shutter button whereas what I should be doing is to quickly take the one shot so that the capture is caught and then step back and from that point on consider the composition, ie angle, zooming in just to the head, trying to look down or look straight up at the subject…ok you can tell I’m reading my course notes!! Putting this into action isn’t coming naturally at the moment so I’m going to pay particular attention to this aspect when I next go out with the camera!!

So here are the cropped close-up photo’s from my day out at the Zoo..

When I look at these photo’s together they all seem to have an ‘organgy’ look to them but that was the colour of the earth. I think it must be caused by the various elements maybe straw and bark that they spread on the ground for the animals which helps with the mud etc that would be there from our rainy seasons. There were of course many more photo’s and they will one day get loaded into my photo albums – when who ever it is that hands out ‘Time’ gives me some more hours in a day!!

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you soon.


Something a little brighter…

than my last post of photo’s that I wasn’t happy with. This last week I’m working my way through an online course that I’ve downloaded and trying to concentrate on a few things. Anyway during the course of ‘playing’ I’ve been busy taking pics around the all these are ‘square-ish photo’s but that’s the way I wanted them to look at the end, so some cropping and a little curves in photoshop and in just a couple a tadge sharpening but otherwise as taken. Al least they look brighter.

I’m due to do the walk again this coming week on Thursday and Lois has asked me to be the back of the walkers to keep an eye on any stragglers and of course to make sure we don’t lose anyone by them taking the wrong path. I’ll have my camera with my again and who knows this time we just might have some bright sunny weather!! If I get any better photo’s I’ll post for you.

One of the other things I’ve been doing during the last couple of days is ringing around the country trying to find somewhere where I could get lens hoods for 3 of my lenses – did you know there’s a shortage of Canon Lens hoods in the UK, well there is. I have however traced one down for my 75-300mm lens and hopefully it should arrive early next week. The one for my 50mm lens, well hopefully one will arrive in the UK at some point and I’ll be the first to know about it. I’ve still got to get one for my macro but I think I’ll wait on…money doesn’t grow on trees!!

So here are some brighter photo’s for you:

and the last one was a quick one I took yesterday before some of them were eaten..yes I’ve grown them myself and they taste delicious!! now I feel better as my blog looks brighter again..see you soon and thanks for visiting.