Where has this week gone…

Ok I know I had a lot on this week but I really can’t believe it has rushed by so quickly. The beginning of our Spring weather wise hasn’t exactly inspired me to rush out with my camera to take photo’s as I had hoped. In fact because I was busy all week I had set aside Friday to go out with the camera to experiment with a few tips I had picked up from the new photography forum I have joined…but oh no the weather let me down and it was a dull, grey, damp and cold day. but who knows maybe next week will be better.

One of the reasons why the week and every week ahead is busy is because I think I have become involved in too many things!! I think I need to sit down and reflex on which forums and interesting sites I really want to be with and perhaps I have to pull out of a couple to take some pressure off and allow me to give more time to the ones I enjoy and feel comfortable with. I’m a person that believes that if you join something you are making a commitment and therefore should make time to give and be involved, however sometimes you just have to pull back!!

I have found some time however to relax with the book I am reading for the Reading Group I run. One of our ladies chose The Conjuror’s Bird by Martin Davis to be read and I’m nearly at the end of it now. It’s a book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading, it’s an easy, gentle read and I think the review from the Times sums it up so well as being ‘A pacy confection of history, mystery and romance’

So on that note I will now go off to bed to finish it….

Thanks as always for visiting and I appreciate all the comments left.