No I haven’t forgotten you…

but my excuse this time is that I’ve had my parents staying with me for just over a week so I had a week before they came getting ready for them and then it took me at least another week afterwards to get back to normal. It was lovely to have them and each visit is precious as they are in their mid eighties now and although their minds are 100% unfortunately their bodies are beginning to struggle. We had some good fun and I took them out each day somewhere for coffee or tea and they also loved sitting out in the evening in my garden where we were so lucky to have nice fine, sunny and warm weather all that week.

I’m trying very hard not too talk to much about the weather but oh my it is bad now..we’re some of the lucky ones living where we are as many people in other parts of the country are suffering some of the worst floods this country has seen and here we are bang in the middle of summer!!

So what have I been doing on the photography side…well to be honest not a lot as with the weather as it is I’ve really only been taking pics in the here’s a couple you might enjoy seeing..

Now this next photo is one taken from our car window as David was travelling between 35 and 40 miles an hour.. We’ve booked a holiday to South Africa for later on this year and we will be going on a Safari. So that I can get an idea of taking photo’s from a moving vehicle I thought I had better practice using shutter speed, although of course when we’re there I will also have to take into consideration the fact that the animals will be moving as well. However this is a start. It’s a photo of a local church in the village just 5 mins up the road from where I live…other than some cropping and straightening I was quite pleased with the outcome as my first attempt of shutter priority!!

I think the next trick will be to try taking a photo from the moving car of perhaps some animals in a field running around…watch this space!!

As usual many thanks for coming to visit me and thanks for any comments you leave I really do appreciate reading them.