Just a quick check-in…

My apologies to every-one that takes the time to visit my blog only to discover that nothing has changed since the 11th of the month. I’m going through quite a busy time at the moment and finding it hard to come up with enough spare time here on the PC to sort out my photo’s and post more for you to see.

I’m most certainly not going to complain about this wonderful weather we’re having but of course it does mean that I’m outdoors such a lot of the time..my garden is shooting up at such a speed…pray that we don’t have a cold spell now as I think it would cause lots of problems for the delicate plants and our Acer tree is now in leaf!!

I’m quite excited because today I’ve just found out that I can go with my husband on a business trip to Galway in Ireland…it’s only for two days but as I’ve not been to Ireland before I’m really looking forward to the visit and of course my camera will be with me…please let there be sunshine!!