A good reason this time..

for not updating my blog. I’ll keep the story short and just tell you that about 4 weeks ago I turned my PC off at about midnight (yes I had been working late!) and went to turn it back on the following morning only to find it had ‘died’ in the night…as you can imagine this threw me into a major panic I cannot live without my PC!! So the laptop was set up and as the drives on my PC were ok so they were installed in David’s PC and I was networked through him….

At the end of all this David has had a new PC built which he is thrilled with and I’ve had his ‘old’ PC which as it so happens was of a better spec. than my one that died.

So here I am again with a few pics for you. I went on another days tuition with Daniel Bridge I’ll put a link to Daniels site on the side. This time we went to Weald Country Park and I was trying out my Zoom lens with the idea in mind of taking pics of animals for when we go on holiday to South Africa. They have a wonderful herd of deer over at the park and I managed to get this shot which I’m quite pleased with.

We also met a friend of Daniels who was taking his two beautiful doggies Harley and Phoebe for a run…so Daniel thought this would be good practise for me to do some panning…off went Pheobe and the idea was for me to get my action shot..well I didn’t quite get it right but here is Pheobe just coming into the picture but I think it works anyway as showing action!!

but of course I couldn’t leave Harley out and here he is posing so beautifully for me..

Now I can’t finish off my posting without a photo of a flower from my garden and this one reminds me of the lovely sunny summer days we were having a week or so ago…

A big thank you to all for popping in and leaving me your lovely comments and not deserting me whilst I’ve not been updating..