Moving forwards..

yes that is what has happened with my photography…well ok it’s really only a very tiny step forward but yesterday I went and took some photo’s using manual mode only!!

I had decided that I would buy a lens from eBay -it’s not brand new – a Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4.5 lens. but I was thrilled when it arrived as it was in pristine condition complete with a lens hood and a couple of filters. Fortunately the sun was shinning yesterday and although very cold off I went to Hylands House
to try it out. However before going I had the good fortune to be speaking with a ‘cyber friend’ on skpe who lives in Australia and incidentally takes some brilliant photos, and she gave me a very good tip for taking pics in manual mode.

So this is what I did and other than a little cropping, a slight sharpening on a couple they are as taken……hope you enjoy them:

Oh I’ve just remembered a couple of my friends have said they couldn’t find where my photo’s from Cape Town were posted ..well to do so you must click on South Africa under the words Photo Album which you will find in the margin on the left hand side of this page…

As always thanks everyone for your lovely comments..

Till next time