How can I be so busy…

so quickly after coming back from hols. My diary is filling up with things to do and people to see. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining because I know I’m lucky to firstly be able to do these things and secondly to have things to do and friends who want to see me, but I just don’t seem to have enough hours in a day.

Anyway as it is another lovely sunny Spring day here where I live I decided instead of getting in the car to go to the shop to buy some fresh fruit I would walk there to get some exercise and of course I never go anywhere now without my little camera.

I took this photo of the Magnolia tree that lives in a garden along the way to the shop. It mainly hangs over the edge of the pavement so I was able to take my photo without having to ask the owner and of course with the lovely blue sky it shows it off so well.

Yesterday I was really pleased to play a round of golf as having been away for a month and with not having had good weather at the beginning of the year I’d missed out on playing and getting my weekly exercise. Not much to say about my golf except ‘room for improvement’….which I hope will happen in the coming weeks!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and as always they are very much appreciated. I’ll now get back on track with some more photo’s from the holiday.