Dolphins and a Pelican…

So I’ve got over the ‘green paint’ episode and thought I should get back to sharing with you some more photo’s from our holiday.

On one of the beautiful hot sunny days and there were so many, we decided to go down the coast to Mandurah. Mandurah is described as a ‘city of endless possibilities and is perched right on the coast overlooking the Indian Ocean. A very friendly, welcoming town but so ‘laid back’ nobody rushes to do anything or go anywhere so as you can imagine very relaxing. We decided to take a boat trip out around the waterways to the harbour, through the Estuary and canals and of course as we were slowly gliding through the waters a pair of Dolphins joined us to swim along side…we watched them for ages and although the boat didn’t get too close to them I was able to get a few photo’s and here’s one I thought you might like to see.

When we got back on land and decided to sit for awhile having a cooling drink who comes along but this fellow..A Pelican who seemed to sit around for ever I think in the hope that he was going to get fed but I’m afraid all he got from us was me taking his photo.

Thanks every-one for your kind comments on my ‘Green Paint’ episode!!