Yes I thought this title might attract some attention… Well my first photo is of a pretty Butterfly as I thought I needed something nice for you to look at when you first arrived here. So why have I headed up todays post as ‘Bugs’. As you have most likely have worked out by now I’m so enjoying my new hobby of the camera and my macro lens…This means I can get really close up to those little creatures living out there in the growth and it’s amazing what I’m finding in my own garden!!

However before taking pics of these little creatures I’ve got to start understanding my camera and how it works along with the macro lens. The other week I went as you know from my previous post on a ‘one to one’ tutorial with Daniel Bridges and this past Saturday off I went again this time on a one day Macro course with 9 other persons. Oh I so enjoyed the day…the morning was spent indoor at the Parks centre where Daniel discussed the various aspects of the camera, answered loads of questions and then he went on to show us slides that he had taken at the same time telling us the different settings etc he had used to achieve these wonderful pics…what an inspiration and something for us to aim for.

In the afternoon we then went out into the park where we scrambled around looking for insects, bugs and any other ‘things’ to photograph..what fun!

So from the many pics that I took during our rummage around sometimes laying flat out on the ground to get the pic. or leaning over nettles and brambles I did come up with some that I’m quite pleased with. Do remember that some of these insects are very tiny and move so quickly it’s not always easy to get that ‘perfect’ shot and also I’m still very much a beginner…

These are a couple from the garden

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my ‘little creatures’ and thanks as usual for visiting me and for leaving your comment..