About Beverley

Hello and welcome to my page. I’m Beverley born in Mid Wales Elan Valley but for the last 46 years I have lived here in Essex. I’ve been married to David for 45 years and we have no children.

Most of my working life was spent with Barclays Financial Services and I was very pleased to take a nice ‘package’ at the young age of 50years and start enjoying life outside of Barclays. I took up golf and through which I have made many new friends. I was very fortunate to be asked to be our Lady Captain back in 2004 and although it was a full year it was most enjoyable one. I also started enjoying and learning about my PC and through this I have also made many new friends. I was encouraged to start a blog because of having taken up photography and travelling further afield I had many photographs and stories that I wanted to share with my new found friends.

So where am I now – well as you will see I’ve bought my own domain and hence started a web page with links through to my blog and also photo Album which I still have many photo’s to upload. I’m slowly but surely getting there with my photography and my golf is always at a state of ‘room for improvement’!

So having taken up my ‘new life’ since having stopped work I must confess that life is as busy as ever and I’m always learning something new.

5 thoughts on “About Beverley

  1. Thank you Tony and it’s nice to see you…I hope you will pop by again soon as I update my blog as and when I have ‘more to say and photo’s to add’.

    I still have loads of photo’s to add to my albums but with it being summer time I so enjoy being out doors and not here in front of the PC but come winter time I’m sure I’ll have a good reason to sit here in front of the screen and in the warmth!!

  2. Hi Bev

    Thanks for visiting CTDP so very often. Let us know if you’d like to meet up with Kerry-Anne and I for a drink on your next visit to Cape Town – it’ll be cool to meet you.


  3. Bev, I’d like to enquire about buying the use of one of your Koeberg photos for use on a noncommercial website currently under construction. Can you get in touch?

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