Time to catch up..

Where has time gone!! Yes I know it’s been ages since I last posted on here and really no excuse other than to say that with travelling to Cape Town each year for a two month break from the UK winters and then in the summer months busy in my garden, the house, visiting friends etc the time seems to rush by.

Since I last posted I have upgraded my camera to a Canon 5D Mk11 which being a full frame meant a change in lens and sadly I did have to sell on my most favourite one the Sigma 10-20. However new lens have been added and I have many photo’s to share with you.

Over the last year I have also started using my iPhone4s for taking photo’s as I have found on our trips especially to London it is much easier to carry than the big camera and lens although there have been many times when I have been heard to say “I wish I had my proper camera with me’ !!

Here’s a photo taken this time last year as a reminder that we did have blue skies and sunshine when out in Cape Town unlike what I’m seeing as I look out of our window now at the grey skies and rain, not a good idea to stay in the UK this year!!


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