Yes this morning we woke up to our very first ‘tiny’ viewing of snow!!

Unfortunately the snow we woke up to this morning was not the nice big soft white snow flakes gently floating down but nasty little bits of snow falling from a horrible grey sky and bitter cold. We knew it would be followed by sleet and then rain so if I was going to get any photo’s with a hint of snow then I had to brave the elements.

So I only rushed out to the garden with camera in hand trying very hard to remember some of the tips I had read on P4AF when I had asked the question about taking photographs of frost and snow….needless to say I couldn’t remember everything so I just took a few pics quickly and rushed back indoors!

They’re not brilliant and I can see where they need improving but I can at least prove to you that we did have a few flakes of snow this morning..

On my last post I showed you a photo of the whole of the ‘white flower’ the one I didn’t know the name of, but now I can show you a close up of the same flower which I have posted above.

Whatever the weather in your part of the world I hope you’ve had a good weekend, if you did take any photo’s perhaps you’ve posted them on your blogs in which case I’ll be dropping by to catch up with you.

snow12snow4 snow3 Take care and I’ll catch up with you soon. Thanks for dropping by and any comments left are much appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Snow…

  1. Beautiful photos Bev! We are also having snow and bitter cold…brrrrrr…..

    What a gorgeous flower! I love the close up! Hope all is well with you! We are a bunch of sickies here…the viruses just won’t let up so we are kind of glad for the cold to kill some of the germs!

    Take Care!

  2. I hope we have snow this year – the beautiful, large soft flake kind. I think your photos look great! My favorite is the middle one. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Hello Sweetie,
    Been such a long time since I’ve talk to you and I thought this was a great way to catch up… YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED!! Come to my blog and read the details. I know you have some gorgeous photos to show, and I can’t wait to see what you post. I hope you are doing well and would love to hear from you!

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