What plans – my intention was as mentioned in my previous post not to leave it so long before posting some photo’s again but life never goes to a plan does it and I have so found this out over the past couple of weeks!!

It all started when I tried to load the update from Microsoft Service Pack 3 and the ‘error’ message kept appearing. Ok too many things going on in my life that I left it for a day or two and then got a reminder so I tried again only to get the same error message. Also I noticed that certain programs stopped working on my PC..Service pack 3 had obviously loaded in part and this was then causing problems..

Anyway I won’t go into all the technical bits about it mainly because I got lost along the way as my dear hubby tried to explain to me what was happening. Anyway lets cut a long, long story short and tell you that I now have a new hard drive installed and I’m still in the process of loading different programs etc. and also stretching my memory to it’s limit in trying to remember all the passwords I need to access the different sites, forums etc that I visit.

So that’s the story of where I have been of late and maybe, just maybe I’ll get back to taking some photo’s soon.

The photo of the ‘white flower’ at the top is one that I took in the week whilst trying to find some calm in what was at the time a most frustrating PC day!! By the way the label was missing so I can’t even give you the name of it ..says it all doesn’t it!!

Oh and if any-one of you my visitors have spare time to give away please send it in my direction!

Regards to you all


2 thoughts on “Plans…

  1. Oh sorry for the troubles. I have avoided SP3 and now and glad I have. It is cold, rainy, windy, and otherwise not nice outside today. So we went walking up and down every aisle at Costco! What will I do for photos everyday??

  2. Well Bev I followed your lead and updated mine blog as well. Thanks to PC’s, updates no spare time that you could borrow from me. Sorry. I do love you flower.

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