Flowers on a Monday…

When I logged on to my PC Monday morning I had an email waiting for me from a friend saying that he was, subject to the weather staying good, going to take his mother out for the day and visit a couple of places nearby to where I live and did I want to join them.

Going out and taking photo’s is much more exciting than staying indoors doing housework!! Anyway I couldn’t join them in the morning but come the afternoon off I went to Hyde Hall. I have been there a few times but it’s a place where the gardens are always changing throughout the year with the different seasons.

This visit was no different from previous visits in that there are so many photo opportunities to take photo of flowers and I’m showing a few here. The one at the top of the post is of an old pair of boots that they had placed at bottom of a post and was used for planting although I must say the plants in them weren’t looking too good!! However from these other photo’s you will see how bright and cheerful it is there although signs of Autumn are around the corner….

I have at long last added some photo’s into my gallery and you’ll find them on my web page by clicking on the photo’s on the right hand side of the page. I will add some more soon and also come back to see my next posting of a visit I had to Rainham Marshes and their wildlife!!

That’s all for now – take care and I’ll see you soon.


3 thoughts on “Flowers on a Monday…

  1. I love the old boots too! The lower two photos are lovely and truly do make me thing of Fall. It is just around the corner here too. We are having some cooler nights and the sun is setting earlier each evening. I love Fall!

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