Something a little brighter…

than my last post of photo’s that I wasn’t happy with. This last week I’m working my way through an online course that I’ve downloaded and trying to concentrate on a few things. Anyway during the course of ‘playing’ I’ve been busy taking pics around the all these are ‘square-ish photo’s but that’s the way I wanted them to look at the end, so some cropping and a little curves in photoshop and in just a couple a tadge sharpening but otherwise as taken. Al least they look brighter.

I’m due to do the walk again this coming week on Thursday and Lois has asked me to be the back of the walkers to keep an eye on any stragglers and of course to make sure we don’t lose anyone by them taking the wrong path. I’ll have my camera with my again and who knows this time we just might have some bright sunny weather!! If I get any better photo’s I’ll post for you.

One of the other things I’ve been doing during the last couple of days is ringing around the country trying to find somewhere where I could get lens hoods for 3 of my lenses – did you know there’s a shortage of Canon Lens hoods in the UK, well there is. I have however traced one down for my 75-300mm lens and hopefully it should arrive early next week. The one for my 50mm lens, well hopefully one will arrive in the UK at some point and I’ll be the first to know about it. I’ve still got to get one for my macro but I think I’ll wait on…money doesn’t grow on trees!!

So here are some brighter photo’s for you:

and the last one was a quick one I took yesterday before some of them were eaten..yes I’ve grown them myself and they taste delicious!! now I feel better as my blog looks brighter again..see you soon and thanks for visiting.


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