Time for another update..

Ok so what’s been happening since the last post…actually not a lot but some how I’ve managed to keep very busy, I suppose it’s the usual household chores that take up time as there always seems to be a basket full of washing needing attention and of course the ironing follows on from the washing. I’ve also played golf and whilst that is mostly enjoyable there are times when I wonder if I ever did have a ‘golf lesson’!! but, then you get the good round which makes you go back to try again and so on.

Another thing we’ve been busy with is trying to sort out a return visit to Cape Town. WOW have the cost of flights gone up, each day as we check there seems to be an increase and of course we have a ‘chicken & egg’ situation where we don’t want to book flights without having an apartment decided on, and then we don’t want to pay a deposit for an apartment unless we are sure we can get the flights we want – this is all bought about of course because we’re doing all the bookings ourselves? We are very lucky to our friends Fiona and Anthony in Cape Town who are busy finding and checking out apartments for us..we are hoping to be out there for 6/8 weeks so the apartment must be in the right location, right facilities, security is high on the list and so on…we’ll get there I’m sure in the end.

Now back to my photography. Well the last few days I’ve been out in the garden trying different settings but not quite achieving what I have in mind. Anyway here’s a few photo’s I took this week including the one at the start of the post..

The photo’s look pretty but I’m not happy with them as I can see that I haven’t got the focus just where I want it to be and that there is a ‘softness’ around areas that I would wish to be sharp but then this is all about the learning process of photography. I expect if I was to get them ‘just perfect’ then I’d be selling them and making lots of money…now that’s something to aim for!!

That’s all for now, take care and thanks as always for visiting my blog. I know quite a few of you that just come in and read what I have written and look at my photo’s but don’t leave a comment and that’s fine by me. The important thing for me is that you have stopped by.