A nice break…

We decided a short while ago to have a break away with a couple of friends and go to the county of Norfolk which for us is about 90 miles north of where we live. Our friends had found a lovely recently renovated Hotel in the town of Wroxham an area that they know well. So after all the horrible weather we have had, we set off on Sunday morning in beautiful sunshine which stayed with us for the 2 days we were away..

Here is a link to the Hotel and in particular the suite we had chosen to stay in Trafford Suite and if you’re ever in that area it is a Hotel I would highly recommend and of course it does have an excellent chef who puts together an interesting and tempting menu together with a superb wine list.

So after arriving and checking in off we went to Wroxham Barns a very charming and interesting place to visit to see many local crafts being made and for sale!

On our next day we decided that we wouldn’t use the car at all and besides it was such a lovely sunny warm day so we walked down to the main center where we took a trip out on the River Bure. We spent a most enjoyable couple of hours gently meandering down the river looking at the wonderful countryside, all very relaxing..and here are a couple of photo’s showing you just how pretty it was.

After our trip on the river it was a quick walk up to the station where we then caught a great little train which does a round trip of 18 miles between Wroxham and Aylesham on a 15inch gauge track. Ok taking photo’s of trains is not normally my style but I did think the signal box and the train itself were so pretty and of course I knew you would want to see a photo’s so here they are:

and of course you might want to read all about it just in case you should find yourself in that part of the world…Bure Valley Railway

A most enjoyable couple of days away in lovely company, great weather, beautiful countryside, superb Hotel and food what more could anyone ask for!!

Thanks as always for visiting…I’m off now to work more on my web page which I’ve decided to recreate using Dreamweaver software and not Frontpage. It is of course a much harder learning curve but I think the final result will be better and more flexible – hence the reason why it’s taking so long plus the fact that I keep going out but, in the meantime I will of course keep updating my blog.


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