The weekend that was…

hard work , well at least for me. Saturday weather wise was horrible with the cold drizzle rain that even if you just popped outside to the dustbin you seem to get very wet and as I’ve said it was very chilly. So we stayed indoors but not just to ‘play’ like being here on the PC or reading a book, watching a film on TV oh no it was decorating for us. We started working on our spare bedroom a few weeks ago it was just a case of change all the furniture…not difficult, go to the store view different ideas, place an order, pay and then wait delivery.

Ok that part of it was easy but then the old furniture all had to be emptied and clothing etc had to be kept somewhere until the new furniture was in place again that was easy. But then came the bit about the room being decorated and that’s where this story really struggled…we both hate and that should be typed with a capital ‘H’ painting etc. Anyway we were forced into it at the weekend because the new furniture arrived Friday and was taking up space in the dining room..

So there you have it Saturday and part of Sunday was spent with a paint brush in my hand and yes I complained and moaned with every stroke of the brush..but here we are Monday morning the sun is shinning and the paint work looks good. So now all we have to do is to start getting things back into place finish off a top coat of paint on the door frame and all will be done…can’t really understand why I made so much fuss!!

The photo of the Lilac bush is taken in my garden and at this time of year looks so pretty, smells beautiful and brings happy memories for me of my childhood when I lived with my grandparents in Wales where they had two magnificent Lilac trees in their garden.

See you soon and whatever you’re up to stay safe..


2 thoughts on “The weekend that was…

  1. Love your new site! I know your newly decorated bedroom must look beautiful as well. Cannot wait to see photos of it. Oh and I LOVE that photo of the tiger below. It almost looks huggable. Hope all is well with you.

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