The Big Cat Sanctuary…


Before I tell you about Tuesday here’s a photo of my clump of Alliums now in full bloom…these lovely plants are all supposed to be the same height and growing nice and upright!!…as you can see they have decided to do there own thing and are anything but the same height and forming the nice ‘clump’ I had planned…

Anyway back to Tuesday of this week when I was very pleased to be able to join with 5 friends from a Photography forum I belong to, to pay a visit to The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent.

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to take close up photo’s of these lovely large wild cats and of course we were again so lucky to have a beautiful fine sunny day. I will be adding another page to my photo album with lots of the photo’s I took that day but in the meantime here a a few to keep you going until I sift through the 400 odd photo’s I took and decide which ones to put in the photo album.


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