It was a good weekend…

this weekend just past, busy but very enjoyable. On Saturday we went into Chelmsford to do our weekly shop and afterwards met up with our friends Richard nad Ann for lunch at Pinchos Restaurant. It’s a favourite eating place of ours as the Tapas is so good coupled with friendly, helpful staff and a great ambiance.

Then on Sunday I was collected by a friend (Terry) from the Photography forum I belong to and taken down to Sissinghurst Gardens
where we met up with another friend (Paul) to spend a most enjoyable day in glorious sunshine taking photo’s of the gardens etc. I have put a lot of the photo’s into my Photo Album which if you click on the link ‘Places of Interest’ shown on the left side of the page and it will take you straight there.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did in taking them. I still have many more photo’s to upload from our South African and Australia trips. Also I have lots of general photo’s I would like to share with you and these will be loaded to the Photo Album as and when time please keep popping back to see the latest I’ve uploaded.

As ever many thanks for visiting and leaving your kind comments..

See you again soon.


Moving forwards..

yes that is what has happened with my photography…well ok it’s really only a very tiny step forward but yesterday I went and took some photo’s using manual mode only!!

I had decided that I would buy a lens from eBay -it’s not brand new – a Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4.5 lens. but I was thrilled when it arrived as it was in pristine condition complete with a lens hood and a couple of filters. Fortunately the sun was shinning yesterday and although very cold off I went to Hylands House
to try it out. However before going I had the good fortune to be speaking with a ‘cyber friend’ on skpe who lives in Australia and incidentally takes some brilliant photos, and she gave me a very good tip for taking pics in manual mode.

So this is what I did and other than a little cropping, a slight sharpening on a couple they are as taken……hope you enjoy them:

Oh I’ve just remembered a couple of my friends have said they couldn’t find where my photo’s from Cape Town were posted ..well to do so you must click on South Africa under the words Photo Album which you will find in the margin on the left hand side of this page…

As always thanks everyone for your lovely comments..

Till next time


Doesn’t time fly…

when you have a busy life and yes that is what I seem to have hence the reason for not updating my blog for such a while.

So what’s been going on. Well I suppose the main thing has been our return visit to South Africa. This time we decided that what we needed was a relaxing time in a sunny climate and with Cape Town only just under 12hrs flying time that’s where we took ourselves off to. We stayed in the same Hotel as last time The Table Bay because it really is so convenient for just everything we want to do such as visiting the shops, restaurants in the evening or maybe getting a little exercise by strolling along the front to the next bay.

We are so lucky to have some great friends in Cape Town and Fiona and her family really took us under their wings for the first week and appeared at the Hotel with plans for taking us out and about to see some super places in the area. Mitzie and Fuzzy were also there to share our time and make the holiday so enjoyable.

Needless to say the camera travelled with me and of course I have many photo’s to share. So what I have decided to do is to create a Photo Album (with the guidence of a friend Paul who has pointed me in the right direction)so that I can share more of them with you. At this point in time I have lots more to add to the albums so please just check back on a regular basis and hopefully you will find more photo’s to view..To view the photo’s just follow the link on the left hand side of the page under Photo Album.

So we’ve been back to South Africa twice now and in a short space of time…what do we think of the country. Well of course we haven’t travelled around that much out there but I think, no I correct that to read I know we will go back again and the next time we will most likely stay for maybe 6/8 weeks. We love the friendliness of the people, the climate suits us, the food and wine is just great and there are so many super places to visit.

I also have been reading and discovering more of the history of South Africa and the more I find out the more it makes me want to go back again and again. However there are of course many other countries of the world that I would like to see and we do have very fond memories of our visits to Australia and would hope to go back there again one of these days..

So much to see and do..

Thanks everyone for your visits and leaving me your kind comments…I do so much appreciate reading them.