A Pleasant Sunday morning…

in February with the sun shinning and a lovely blue sky but it was quite chilly. However instead of doing some useful jobs around the house we decided to go off to one of our favourite places for coffee link…it’s not far from us about a 5/6 mile journey and it has a lovely little tea room with a garden centre as well. Of course anything with flowers will always be an attraction for me. However this time of the year it was just for the coffee or in DH case a pot of tea and a toasted tea cake!!

After finishing our visit to the tea rooms we then decided to have a stroll around the lovely village of Writtle and I must say with the blue sky, sun shinning and a peaceful Sunday morning it was all looking very lovely.

And of course as I’m sure you know by now I wouldn’t visit anywhere unless I had my camera with me. On this occasion I only my 50mm lens with me and no tripod so that restricted me a little but here are a few shots of our enjoyable morning outing..

6 thoughts on “A Pleasant Sunday morning…

  1. Good Morning Bev! Beautiful photos and a beautiful day. I love the little trips you take me on šŸ™‚

    One of the things I totally loved about Europe was the fantastic architecture, the buildings were just so much fun to shoot! I can see you have your share of great old buildings too.

  2. I love the English countryside and looking at your pics I know why. Unfortunately John doesn’t want to move back :-(.
    Beautiful pics, Bev!

  3. Hi Bev!
    You didn’t tell us you had updated your blog!
    Love the last pictures you put online. The colors are beautiful and I love the countryside pictures, specially the English one which is really so typical.
    Will have to come one day and see it by myself.

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