A Pleasant Sunday morning…

in February with the sun shinning and a lovely blue sky but it was quite chilly. However instead of doing some useful jobs around the house we decided to go off to one of our favourite places for coffee link…it’s not far from us about a 5/6 mile journey and it has a lovely little tea room with a garden centre as well. Of course anything with flowers will always be an attraction for me. However this time of the year it was just for the coffee or in DH case a pot of tea and a toasted tea cake!!

After finishing our visit to the tea rooms we then decided to have a stroll around the lovely village of Writtle and I must say with the blue sky, sun shinning and a peaceful Sunday morning it was all looking very lovely.

And of course as I’m sure you know by now I wouldn’t visit anywhere unless I had my camera with me. On this occasion I only my 50mm lens with me and no tripod so that restricted me a little but here are a few shots of our enjoyable morning outing..

Something different..

Ok I know this is going to surprise a few of you but I wanted to get away from animals and flowers..but I just might add in the odd flower or two and of course I couldn’t resist this Pampas Grass but you know what they do so brighten up our lives..

So what is the story behind todays photo’s. Well as some of you might already know I live in a town.. well on the edge of the town and we have a main road at the front of the house which means a continual flow of traffic throughout the day.

Ok after living here for some 32 years we’re used to it and of course it is a convenient place to live if we wish to get to London, airports, down to the Ferries for popping across to Europe or to pick up one of the major roads to take us to other parts of the UK. However used we are to living here it is a ‘Rat-Race’..in other words we’re living in a big commuters area because of London being so near and everyone feels they must go at the ‘fastest pace’ possible!!

Can I escape from here…well yes I can for believe it or not I have a friend that lives just a 2 minute drive down the main road take a right turn along a private road for another minute and then I arrive in what can only be described as another world!!

Yesterday the sky was blue, sun shinning and if you stayed in the sunshine it was quite warm. So off I went to see my friend along with my other friend my Canon 400D and after putting the world to right over a cup of coffee I then wondered off to take some photo’s..

And this is the surprise I could have taken some photo’s of cows, sheep even the cat but no I thought I would be different for once and so here you have some photo’s of farm machinery!!

The first photo is of the tractors (I call them tractors but they could be ‘other’ things all lined up in their ‘home’ and I just love the colours..

and here we have view of track leading up to the tractors home…

Now what about the super colour yellow of this and just look at the colour of the rope ..don’t really know what either the machine or the rope is used for but such vibrant colous again..

I think this area does need some TLC but you know it’s not important it’s beautiful as it is..

And of course if I looked towards the fields there was more machinery!!

And just to prove there were some flowers around here is one of a Helleborus..and there were wonderful patches of snowdrops under the trees…

Thank you for coming with me on my lovely Sunday morning out to the peace and quiet that can still be found even on our own doorstep!!

Also a big thank you to all that left kind comments on my last posting..much appreciated.

Please note any actions used on any of my photo’s are credited to Natasha Whiteley..