I must have too much spare time..

because here I am posting again …well in actual fact I did start this draft before Christmas and then various events took over and I’ve not been back to finish it off. Now I’m under lots of pressure from various ‘DSSA friends’ around the world to get on with it and publish it before we go off on our next holiday!

So first off all a huge thank you to everyone that has left me comments on my last post. Your words have been so encouraging and I really have appreciated hearing from you all and also for the emails …it’s good to be back in contact!!

I’ve had lots of requests to post more of of the many photo’s I took…so here goes:-

The layout above is one I did for a challenge over at DSSA and it was done using a template designed by Mitzie..

I think it was Brooke who asked me if the Penguins in my last post were in a zoo or on the beach..well they were on the beach and there were lots of them. So here’s another couple of photo’s. You’ll see the one is in her nest and when we stood very still and quiet we could just hear the babies ‘squeaking’ – not sure if that’s the right word to describe the sounds but they did sound very tiny. We of course couldn’t see them!!

These photo’s were taken on Boulders Beach which is in False Bay. We stopped here with Mitzie and Neil on the way down to Cape Point…It’s such a pretty place but because we had such a lot to do we didn’t have the time to explore very much but I think we’ll put this on our list of places to revisit!!! Here’s another capture before we move on and here you can see why it is called Boulders Beach..

Now we’re going to pop back up to Johannesburg and the Lion Park that Mike Petra and family took us to.

I’ve never been a fan of Giraffes but I must confess that I have had a slight change of mind!! I climbed up onto the ‘Feeding Platform’ and although I wouldn’t feed the giraffe because I really don’t like their ‘long tongue’ I did actually stroke it’s face. So big steps forward for me.. and this is the actual Giraffe that I stroked! I know when I’ve seen them in the Zoo they are so tall but I was quite amazed at how tall they really are when you are up so close to them and yes they are also so gentle!!

Lets pop back down to Amakhala the reserve that we stayed on where we went on safari..here’s a photo of the main building of Amakhala and as you can see it’s tucked away down in a valley…

Amakhala Reserve

Check out the Safari Lodges and just look at the view from the bath!! is that not special!!

From Amakhala we went across to the Addo Elephant Reserve and were very lucky to see quite a few Elephants and of course how could I resist from taking a photo of this little one..

and of course we had the whole family as well..

We were also very lucky to see towards the end of one of our drives as it was getting quite dark these White Rhino – they are so huge!!

I’ve lots more animals photo’s that I could show you but I don’t want you to get bored with seeing them all the time so come with me now down to Cape Town and this is a view of a sunset from out hotel room..

and this is one of Granger Beach that we used to frequently walk along to go to one of our favorite restaurants for a light lunch.

and here’s another one which is so much Cape Town…it’s of Table Mountain with what is known as the ‘Table Cloth’ effect..it’s where the clouds come over the top of the mountain and hits the warmth of the air coming off the sea which then dissolves the clouds and stops them falling all the way down..hence you get this lovely table cloth effect!!

I’ve shared just a very few of my many hundreds of photo’s from our trip to South Africa but perhaps you can understand why we are going back again. Well within 4 weeks we will be back there this time just to Cape Town and to catch up with our friends there..but I will of course take the camera and there will be many more photo’s to share with you..

So at long last I can publish this post and who knows I might even get another one in before we fly off again …how lucky am I !!

and yes this is another story waiting to be told!!

7 thoughts on “I must have too much spare time..

  1. Oh Bev!!
    Your photos are beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking. Thanks for the tour, probably as close as I will ever get so I doubly enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. WOW! Bev you have taken some Gorgeous Photos! What a wonderful Adventure!
    Thanks for I’ll be back to see more of your trips πŸ™‚ You Lucky Girl!

  3. Bev – Fabulous!! So nice to see your blog updated and especially with those gorgeous photos!! I was amazed by the table cloth mountain that must be a stunning sight in person. (((hugs)))

  4. Oh thank you, Bev, for letting travel vicariously through you! Wonderful story that accompanies incredible photos.

  5. thank you darling Bev for showcasing my beautiful country so perfectly!!!!!!!!! and YEAH YEAH DOUBLE BLOODY YEAH i’ll see you soon πŸ˜€ much love

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