Another year older…

yes I’ve had a birthday this last week and received some lovely cards and gifts. My main presents came from my husband David and included a Battery Grip for my camera which will be so useful for our trip to SA along with a Lowe Pro Slingshot 200AW Camera Bag so that I can now carry my camera with my 3 lenses without worrying about them getting damaged. Only trouble with having all this gear is that when you’re out somewhere taking photo’s those that don’t know about photography are under the impression that you must be a ‘semi professional’ at the least and ask questions about taking photo’s – little do they know I’m just starting out myself. I also had a lovely CD by Paul Potts…yes look him up on the web and then you’ll know who he is. For those of you that enjoy cooking and especially desserts well put them together with James Martin and it makes for a super ‘must have’ book and I received a copy from my friend!

What else has been happening..Well on Monday we went away to Market Harborough for just the one night and it was very pleasant stay at the 3Swans Hotel. They have an excellent restaurant so we enjoyed a superb meal on the Monday night.

Market Harborough is blessed with some wonderful small boutique shops and yes I did go shopping…in readiness for my holidays of course! They also have some very interesting old buildings and here’s a couple of photo’s I took. They not very bright as although it wasn’t raining it was very dull and grey. I have used some ‘actions’ created by Tash of DSSA fame for those of you familiar with Photoshop

The last main Bank Holiday is this weekend and although the weather forecast is for sunny and warm we don’t have anything planned although hopefully we will find time to get out and take some photo’s!!

Hope you all have a enjoyable weekend and if you are travelling – travel safe!!

Thanks for visiting and for leaving you comments I so enjoy and appreciate reading them.

A good reason this time..

for not updating my blog. I’ll keep the story short and just tell you that about 4 weeks ago I turned my PC off at about midnight (yes I had been working late!) and went to turn it back on the following morning only to find it had ‘died’ in the night…as you can imagine this threw me into a major panic I cannot live without my PC!! So the laptop was set up and as the drives on my PC were ok so they were installed in David’s PC and I was networked through him….

At the end of all this David has had a new PC built which he is thrilled with and I’ve had his ‘old’ PC which as it so happens was of a better spec. than my one that died.

So here I am again with a few pics for you. I went on another days tuition with Daniel Bridge I’ll put a link to Daniels site on the side. This time we went to Weald Country Park and I was trying out my Zoom lens with the idea in mind of taking pics of animals for when we go on holiday to South Africa. They have a wonderful herd of deer over at the park and I managed to get this shot which I’m quite pleased with.

We also met a friend of Daniels who was taking his two beautiful doggies Harley and Phoebe for a run…so Daniel thought this would be good practise for me to do some panning…off went Pheobe and the idea was for me to get my action shot..well I didn’t quite get it right but here is Pheobe just coming into the picture but I think it works anyway as showing action!!

but of course I couldn’t leave Harley out and here he is posing so beautifully for me..

Now I can’t finish off my posting without a photo of a flower from my garden and this one reminds me of the lovely sunny summer days we were having a week or so ago…

A big thank you to all for popping in and leaving me your lovely comments and not deserting me whilst I’ve not been updating..