A couple of days in Ramsgate…

Last week was David’s birthday and as usual we try go somewhere different to celebrate. We don’t always stay away but this time we did. I had read about a lovely Hotel down in Ramsgate and also discovered that there were some very good restaurants in the town to visit. So on Thursday morning off we went down to Ramsgate some 80 miles from home. We had an excellent journey and despite all the rain and storms of late we had fine weather.

When we arrived at ‘The Royal Harbour Hotel’ we were very pleasantly surprised to find we had been upgraded to their best room which had these 2 wonderful ceiling to floor french doors that opened out onto a balcony with great views over the harbour and out to sea and when it was very clear you could just see the coast of France..

So today’s photo’s are all from down at Ramsgate with one from Broadstairs which was only a couple of miles up the road. We were lucky with the weather the whole of the time we were there
and even managed a walk on the beach although it was, I must say. a little windy:

I just had to take a photo of this lovely old Pub called ‘The Foy Boat’ as I so loved the green roof tiles.. They were busy doing renovation work although it was open to the public but on this occasion we didn’t go in for a drink but maybe on our next visit!!

With this photo I wanted to try and be clever and take a more ‘serious’ photo at the seaside and so we walked out to the far end of the sea wall when I saw that the wall continued with these hugh rocks which the public are not allowed to continue to walk on for safety reasons of course but it did give me the opportunity to try a ‘different’ photo and which I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.

And finally a photo from Broadstairs Beach showing children enjoying a school outing to the seaside….a very British seaside scene.

Many thanks to you all for leaving comments on my last post and for any that you leave this time around, they are so much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “A couple of days in Ramsgate…

  1. Hi Bev!!!
    Hugs… I’ve missed you so much. How are you doing? I see you have been out and about again! Great pics and love the pub! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi to me today! I’m sry I’m just now getting a chance to come by here and say hi back. I hope you have got to see my LO for the 1st challenge in the ADSR. Thursday we start a new challenge, I can’t wait to see what it is!
    Take care and sending lots of love your way! 🙂

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