I’m back again….

A Poppy in my garden..

I know I’ve been missing for a little while and I’m sorry there is no excuse except that all I can say is that as it’s summer time here in the UK I take advantage of any sunshine and warmth to spend as much time as possible outside. These days it’s either with my camera or potting around in the garden or perhaps playing golf

Many thanks to everyone of you that have been popping in here and leaving me comments and also many thanks to all my friends that have emailed me to check that I’m ok as I hadn’t updated my blog..

So what have I been up to besides the usual housework, gardening and golf. Well a couple of weeks ago I went on a days ‘one to one’ tuition with a local photographer Daniel Bridges and I must say it was worth every penny I spent. The main thing that I came away with was the confidence that I now have a better understanding not only of my camera but the settings. I’ve a long way to go yet with so much to learn but at least it’s a beginning! This coming Saturday I’m off again on another days course with Daniel but this time it’s all about Macro and of course there will be at least another 8 persons so I won’t get his undivided attention but I’m sure I will learn a lot!

Another great happening for me has been the decision that we have made to go to South Africa in September/October. For many years since we met out neighbours Ted and Stella I’ve wanted to go to South Africa.Ted was South African and had married an English lady Stella but due to various problems they had, had to leave South Africa and came to live here in the UK. Sadly Ted is no longer with us but he filled my head with many wonderful pictures of a great country to see. A lot of planning to do yet but we have started the journey!!

So for now I thought I would post some photo’s I’ve taken recently. The flowers are all taken in my garden, the damselflies taken when on my course with Daniel and the beautiful Stag photo was taken when we went to an open day at Bedford Park not far from where we live.. I do hope you enjoy seeing them and again many thanks for visiting me and leaving your comments..