Well I’m trying to get back on track again and catch up on friends blogs besides doing my own…I think the reason why I’m so behind is it Spring time…coming summer and of course the garden needs my attention. So with the garden in mind I’m showing this time round some pics of flowers from the garden

Lilac which always reminds me of my Grandmother as it was her favourite plant

Clematis Montana climbs over the fence just outside my backdoor


A special Tulip bought back from Holland

First Rosebud

What else has been going on in my life…well I’m still playing or trying to play with my camera and new macro lens but it seems an uphill struggle at the moment. For every one photo I think is ok there must be at least 10 that aren’t so I must keep practising to improve….I think sometimes I’m trying to run before I can walk!!

The weather has changed to be a lot cooler and of course we had some long overdue rain which I was so pleased to have for my garden…I’ve not played much golf although last week we did have a golf day called our ‘Spring Meeting’ where we play golf during the day in a competition (no my partner and I did not win!)and then in the evening we went back for a dinner and presentation of prizes by the Lady Captain. It’s was a lovely day and a way of catching up with friends that we haven’t seen much of during the winter months.

We also recently had a Template Challenge over at DSSA set for us by Kat and using a template she had created…as my digi scrapping has been put on one side of late whilst I’ve been playing with my camera I thought this would be an easy way of getting one done quite quickly…it was a double page template and I’ve used photo’s taken when in Galway…lots of credits go to Kat for template & B/G Paper, Conny for Fonts, doodle of seals & Bubbles, & Fernlili for other papers and’s the double page..

As always thanks so much for visiting and leaving your lovely comments.

6 thoughts on “Flowers….

  1. Hi Bev im so glad to see that you are getting back on your feet after a couple of hard weeks. The photos are coming out lovely keep up the work!!!

  2. Please ignore this comment if my first one came through. I’m not sure if I clicked a bit early and my word verification was incorrect. I love your flower photos esp the rosebud. It took me some time to get used to my Macro too.

  3. Hi Bev,

    your Layout is lovely 🙂 I love to see some of my older stuff in action *g* I´m sorry I didn´t see it over at DSSA, I didn´t browse the gallery there the last days, was always so busy with other things….
    Your photos of the flowers are so beautiful! I love especially the tulips, what a wonderful color!
    Here the weather has also changed into a bit colder and it´s rainy. That´s good for the flowers also 🙂
    They needed a break from so much sunrays 😉
    I hope you´re having a wonderful weekend!


  4. Bev, I’m so envious of that beautiful garden you have! I would LOVE to see somethign other than dry, brown grass at the moment! LOL You are getting some lovely shots with that macro of yours! I know exactly what you mean though. a 1gb card full of photos and I’m happy with maybe 5 :/ I guess I should also focus on walking first LOL We’ll get there!

    PS I missed you on Skype! I got your reply to one of my msgs 🙂

  5. Bev, your photos of flowers are really beautiful, you did great on the rendering of colors. Looks like you’re using your camera pretty good to me.

  6. GM Bev,
    I think these pics are wonderful!! I love taking pics of flowers, the only problem I have is I get too close and then they come out blurry. I don’t know that much about photography. I just know if I find something I like and want a pic of it, I take it! LOL. I’ll be sharing many, many pics of my vacation on my blog. We’re still trying to get settled in, there was a 2hr time change for us. I have lots of pics of waterfalls, mountains and some flowers to share. I love that tulip you bought in Holland!! Those are sooo pretty!! Take care and I’ll ttyl.

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