Disowned by my DH…

We recently had a new green front door fitted. Now our garage door is also green but not the same shade…so off to B&Q today taking a sample of the front door to see if we could get a paint mixed up to match…

No problem the gentleman who served us was most helpful and we had our 1 litre of paint so off to the till with me carrying it to pay…!!

Just as we arrived at the till I dropped the tin and the lid came off green gloss paint in one big puddle on the floor with splats of it everywhere including my shoes!! So hence the reason for my title!!

Thank goodness we hadn’t paid for the paint…so whilst I stayed with the puddle of green paint trying not to look too embarrassed as shoppers skirted around it DH went back to get another litre made up. Whilst he was gone I had 7 B&Q very nice men all standing around looking at the puddle of green paint making silly comments whilst one very young man was on his knees trying his best to clear it up.

Needless to say I won’t be going into B&Q for awhile!!!

8 thoughts on “Disowned by my DH…

  1. OH bev… it could have been worse, you could have dropped it at home, or on DHs shoes… Sorry you are having such a rough day…have a G&T on me love

  2. OH NO!!! ((HUGS)) Poor Bev…that must have been horrible for you! But just think…you can always say you planned it because you just wanted a new pair of shoes πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh you poor dear. How irritating that those men couldn’t be more helpful 😦 Sorry you had such a rough day. Hope your weekend is better πŸ˜€

  4. Well the upside is that you now have an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes !! ;o)

    Hope your week is fantastic ….

  5. I shouldn’t laugh but the picture I have in my head is to funny – hey but you have an excuse to get some new shoes and a matching handbag

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