Where has this week gone…

Ok I know I had a lot on this week but I really can’t believe it has rushed by so quickly. The beginning of our Spring weather wise hasn’t exactly inspired me to rush out with my camera to take photo’s as I had hoped. In fact because I was busy all week I had set aside Friday to go out with the camera to experiment with a few tips I had picked up from the new photography forum I have joined…but oh no the weather let me down and it was a dull, grey, damp and cold day. but who knows maybe next week will be better.

One of the reasons why the week and every week ahead is busy is because I think I have become involved in too many things!! I think I need to sit down and reflex on which forums and interesting sites I really want to be with and perhaps I have to pull out of a couple to take some pressure off and allow me to give more time to the ones I enjoy and feel comfortable with. I’m a person that believes that if you join something you are making a commitment and therefore should make time to give and be involved, however sometimes you just have to pull back!!

I have found some time however to relax with the book I am reading for the Reading Group I run. One of our ladies chose The Conjuror’s Bird by Martin Davis to be read and I’m nearly at the end of it now. It’s a book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading, it’s an easy, gentle read and I think the review from the Times sums it up so well as being ‘A pacy confection of history, mystery and romance’

So on that note I will now go off to bed to finish it….

Thanks as always for visiting and I appreciate all the comments left.

5 thoughts on “Where has this week gone…

  1. Happy Weekend Bev,
    I know, I feel the same way about where did the week go? LOL. It drives me crazy, because every week that goes by, another week older my daughter gets. She’ll be 1 yr old in June! I can’t believe it, it seems like a few months ago she was still in my belly. Makes me so sad to see her grow up so fast.
    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say hi and I’m sorry I haven’t sooner. I’ve been really busy making new kits! Enjoying spring while I can, the summers are very hot here and miserable. I hope you are having a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Bev,

    I second you – sometimes it is better to cut a bit down. I had to do that also, in Germany we say ” you can´t see the trees because of the forest sometimes”. That´s true! Just do what is convinient for you. After all this is just a hobby and should make fun and not bring any pressure to you 🙂
    I´m looking forward to see your photos with the new tipps you got. Keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will shine for you next week!

  3. Hi Bev…I was inspired by our spring weather and have been snapping away! Of course I still haven’t found that building that inspires me yet…but I will 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting! How is golf going?

  4. Yep, I agree, the days are just flying by! Can’t believe ppl still read books 😛 I have enough trouble keeping up with the forums…hehe

  5. I may be sumitting a photo of the inside of a building for the challenge if the rain doesn’t let up here… But I will submit something

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