Another holiday photo..

I hope your not going to get bored with these photo’s but until the weather improves and I can get out and start taking some more photo’s I’m afraid this is it, although I will try and make my blog more interesting by posting up the occasional layout that I’ve done for DSSA.

Today’s photo is taken from Kings Park in Perth and although in my opinion not such a pleasing park as the Botanical Gardens in Sydney it most certainly has a charm of it’s own and of course because of its position we were able to get such great views across the city.

Looking back on my blog you will recall I posted some photo’s of the bronze statues in Singapore and these were the subject of my layout posted on the DSSA site so I thought you might like to see what I did with them!!

Well closer to home it was very pleasing to wake up this morning on the first day of Spring to a beautiful blue sky, and the sun shinning but I must say it was very chilly. Anyway as I said to my husband from today onwards no more conversation including the word ‘winter’ that is now in the past and we go forward to what I hope will be a lovely warm Spring and great summer.

4 thoughts on “Another holiday photo..

  1. I could never get bored looking at your wonderful photos! I LOVE the clear blue sky – this looks like a paradise! You must have so enjoyed this beautiful scenery!
    Your Layout is very nice, your arrangement is beautiful, thanks for sharing 🙂
    I hope you have a nice evening!

  2. Hi Bev, thanks for visiting my blog & for those lovely words of peace. Your photos as per usual are crisp & viberant! Love the layout of the font in the bottom right cnr, the way that you have the text going down, gives the impression of chinese lettering.. bravo!

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