Arrival over Australia…

So I’m going to continue today with our journey to Perth and shown here are two photo’s taken from the plane. The one shows us arriving over the Australian land and the other is just to show you the beautiful sky as we were getting close to Australia. It was such a vibrant blue it seemed unreal!

The photo’s were taken with my new ‘small’ camera bought in Singapore. It’s a Panasonic DMC-FX07 and what a gem it is. Although I had with me my Canon DSLR complete with lens, filters etc I didn’t use them once as I went everywhere with my new ‘toy’ which fitted into my pocket so easily.

Following on from an earlier post you may recall that I made a decision that from now on I would not go anywhere without a camera with me. So many times I have lost a photo opportunity just because a camera was not to hand and this proved the case with my photo of the Magnolia Tree as without this little gem in my pocket I would have missed the chance.

6 thoughts on “Arrival over Australia…

  1. You have made such wonderful shots, Bev! I never been on an airplane so far – it´s such a stunning view on your pictures! Thanks for showing them 🙂
    I won´t be around the next days/weeks, I have no idea how long. I finally got a referral to the hospital, but at the weekend they can´t do more for me than giving pain medications. I will try and stay the weekend at home and go monday morning to the hospital, though I´m not sure if it will really work, because the pains seem to get stronger every hour. When I can´t take them anymore I go immediately to hospital, I´m sure they have other medications and can keep an eye on me than.
    I will miss you! I will sure visit you as soon as I´m back home again.
    Have a good time, my friend 🙂

  2. I never seem to take good pictures from the plane. The top one is brilliant and makes me realise why my Australian stitching friends create such wonderful colours in their work.

  3. Hi Bev

    talk about making someone want to travel….that view out of the plane window was to die for.Such an azure blue sea…you should have worked for a travel`d be brilliant at it.

    Best regards


  4. Hi Bev, this is my last look around here before leaving. I will be in hospital tomorrow morning 8am. I managed to stay home at the weekend somehow – of course with lots of pains. I didn´t spent much time on the PC, just telling my teams that I won´t be active 😉
    I will call my friend Manu from hospital on the phone – and I gave her permission to post on my blog, so she will tell you the news there if there are some 🙂
    Now I will pack the last little things in my bag and go to bed to finally leave tomorrow!
    Have a good time my friend, – and thank you so much for your nice wishes:) I will miss you – but hopefully not for long 😉

  5. Bev, just curious — do you fly east over Europe to Singapore (excuse my ignorance) or west over the North pole? Your new camera sounds great. I have mine in my bag all the time as well. It’s wonderful to have such technology at our fingertips. I remember our first trip to Central America just 10 years ago, with 35mm and scrimping on the number of photos we took because of the cost to have prints made…

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  6. Bev – your new little camera takes fabulous pictures! So much easier to take arounf with you now I bet!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful shots with me!

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