A stormy day..

they warned us on the news reports that we would have high winds today and they were right! We’ve been very luckly and although it’s been rough and we lost power for awhile we’ve had no real damage unlike some of the houses around us.
Also today I’ve not felt on top of the world which I think is the result of having had a ‘booster injection’ yesterday in readiness for our holiday I’m sure a good nights sleep will put me right for tomorrow.

Today I’m uploading a layout that I’ve done following a suggestion from my blogging friend Jill. She suggested that I used my photo of the tulips to create a layout. These tulips were bought for me along with wine and chocolates when out friends came to dinner the other night.

Hope you like what I’ve done and again many thanks to all that leave me a comment. It so nice to open up my blog and see these comments waiting for me to read…

Credits: Rope Overlay-Ztampf, Envelope & Pen-Shapes PS, Glasses-mine, Fonts: Amaze,Michelle, Lucinda Handwrting.