A busy day…

Today has been a busy day with the morning spent arranging travel insurance for our holiday to Australia which is looming up very quickly. I couldn’t believe how long it took to get a few different quotes either over the internet or by phone and how much they varied by and at the end of it I went back to the first one I called!!

The afternoon was spent taking some photographs of our Lady President from the Probus Group I belong to. She wants to start a photo album of the group and asked me to take her photo – I was honoured to be asked but also quite worried but it turned out ok!!

Anyway today I’ve posted a photograph I took at the end of last summer of a tree trunk which is in a park nearby where we live. Although it looks dead it has a lot of live living in and on it. Sometime I will get around to doing a scrap page with the photo as the central point but it’s on a long list of photo’s waiting for my attention.