Mixed Day….

Not sure about today as it’s been a mixed day of emotions, and happenings. A couple of good close friends taken into hospital for different reasons, waiting for phone calls to hear results…sort of ok but time will tell!

Anyway whilst waiting at home for the phone to ring I set up the first digital camera (Fuji4700) that I bought when digital started happening. I had already charged the batteries etc as I had decided that this little camera will live in my handbag so that in future there will be no ‘missed photo opportunity’ when I’m out and about. So having a little play with it I decided to take a photo of the throw over on our bed and here is a close up of the ‘not played with in photoshop’ together with the same photo ‘played with’ results…

This second photo is something very new to me and is just a basic play around within photoshop using a couple of the tools available…as I said very simple and I’ve not done anything like this before…


Kat tagged me today and asked me to list 5 weird things about me….

So here goes:

1. If I see a pair of pretty shoes that I can’t live without I just have to buy them even if I don’t wear them!
2. If I buy a magazine I always start looking at it from the back to the front!
3. Will buy a recipe book if I only see one recipe in it that I want!
4. I love to buy a small packet of Dolly Mixture sweets and will eat them all in one go.
5 When I put my 2 Teddy Bears back on the bed in the morning after making the bed I have to make sure that they are ‘sitting comfortable’!!

Unfortunately I won’t be tagging anyone as I explained to Kat a lot of the friends blogs that I visit prefer not to be listed or tagged….

I’ve not been a good blogger….

I just haven’t found the time over the past few days to come in and write up my blog. Not really sure what I’ve been doing but the hours in a day just whizz by.

After our little ‘blip’ with a small amount of snow the other day I’m pleased to say we haven’t had any more since and in fact for this time of year it’s been quite dry and mild. Lots of my spring bulbs in the garden are already showing through so unless we have some really bad weather in February I think the garden will have a spring look to it quite early this year.

I did manage to get my layout done for the challenge set by Caro on our site at DSSA which was to do a layout with our ‘Feet’ as the subject. As I don’t like my feet I decided to use a photo of my feet in my golf shoes….so here is the layout!!

Credits: Andre Lynn Kit & KC Tag. Fonts -Australian Sunrise,Domestic Manners

Thanks for looking and leaving your comments always so nice to receive and read..

A White Surprise..

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday as we had someone here all day working so I was busy moving things around, making cups of coffee and then putting everything back in it’s proper place. Anyway this is what we woke up to yesterday morning ….thank goodness it didn’t last for very long and by afternoon it had all gone away.

I was also busy doing my challenge layout for our DSSA site. Caro has set the challenge to create a layout showing a photo of our feet. There was no way in which I was putting my ‘horrible’ feet on display so I’ve used a photo of my feet inside my golf shoes. I’ll post the layout soon so you can see it.

Non-Golfing Tuesday…

Normally on a Tuesday I go to my Golf Club as it’s our Ladies Section day when we all meet up play golf usually a competition and then sit around drinking coffee/tea and chatting by putting the world to right as us ladies can do very well!!

Well after the events of the weekend and catching up on my washing and ironing etc and also because I have quite a nasty cold I decided not to venture out and be sensible for once and stay in doors…..also it gives me the opportunity to catch up on my emails and the blogs I visit.

Reading some of these blogs I see there are such talented ladies out there all creating some wonderful things whether it’s taking photo’s, creating digital elements, craft work and so many other interests that I find myself spending a lot of my time here on the PC just reading and looking at their work and not getting down to doing any of my own. So I’ve decided I must try to make something that I can put here for you to download if you are interested in digital scrapping. It’s won’t be until I come back from my holidays which will be at the beginning of March.

Many thanks again for visiting and leaving me your comments. Today I’ve posted a photo of the two Teddy Bears that live on my bed. They don’t have names just ‘Big Ted’ and ‘Little Ted’ I know not very orginal…

Catch up day…

Well as I am sure most of you know we had bad storms here in the UK last week and although we didn’t suffer any damage we did have loss of electricity for 3 days resulting in the food in the freezer and fridge having all to be destroyed and of course no computer!!

So today now that the electricity is back we’re sorting out the freezer and fridge buying in new food and catching up on emails and checking out on what’s been happening on the various sites and blogs I visit.

I hope everyone that pops in to see me here is ok and I’ll be back to ‘normal’ in a few days time…

A stormy day..

they warned us on the news reports that we would have high winds today and they were right! We’ve been very luckly and although it’s been rough and we lost power for awhile we’ve had no real damage unlike some of the houses around us.
Also today I’ve not felt on top of the world which I think is the result of having had a ‘booster injection’ yesterday in readiness for our holiday I’m sure a good nights sleep will put me right for tomorrow.

Today I’m uploading a layout that I’ve done following a suggestion from my blogging friend Jill. She suggested that I used my photo of the tulips to create a layout. These tulips were bought for me along with wine and chocolates when out friends came to dinner the other night.

Hope you like what I’ve done and again many thanks to all that leave me a comment. It so nice to open up my blog and see these comments waiting for me to read…

Credits: Rope Overlay-Ztampf, Envelope & Pen-Shapes PS, Glasses-mine, Fonts: Amaze,Michelle, Lucinda Handwrting.

My Nan..

When I popped into my friend Mags blog she had a beautiful photo which had been taken many years ago of her Grandmother and it reminded me that I had done a layout last year with a photo of my own Gran taken we think when she was about 21years.

So here is the layout and it does bring back such happy memories of her as I was bought up by my grandparents at their home in Wales.

Credits: Endre Brushes – Font Multa Ornamental

Better than I thought…

I was concerned that the day wouldn’t be easy as this afternoon I planned on visiting a very good friend who is in a nursing home suffering from throat cancer and has lost her voice completely. Before Christmas she was very bad but today she was so much better and even asked me to take her for a walk around the gardens. So the day turned out good and it was so lovely to see her looking like her ‘old self’ again even though I know it will only be for a short time!

Where am I going with this blog I’m still not sure so just for now I will post another photo I took today of some lovely tulips that were bought for me by a friend who came to dinner Saturday night. I just love tulips when they start to ‘flop’ over.

A big thank you to all that come and leave such lovely comments, I really do appreciate your visit.

A Happy Couple

After last nights Dinner Party which I’m pleased to say went very well be it that we didn’t get to bed until just after 2am so today was meant to be taken quietly!!

So this morning after making sure everything was put away I thought I would check my emails how wrong – no broadband – so after working on it for about an hour my DH said I think we need to get a new ADSL Router as ours was faulty!! So instead of the quiet day we had planned off we we went to get an exchange and a few hours later I’m pleased to say all was sorted out. In the meantime I had used the ‘dial up’ way to pick up my emails and I must say I had forgotten just how slow it was..

Well on the way to the shop to get the new router we had parked the car near the river and crossing over the bridge I spied this ‘lttle pair’ enjoying a nice sunny afternoon’s swim and I just happened to have my camera with me – so here is today’s ‘happy couple’..